Notice on Badge Application of Agents for IPR and Trade Dispute Complaint in Canton Fair
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Totreat complainants and respondents of IPR and trade disputes of Canton Fair ina fair and reasonable manner, to facilitate them to deal with complaints, andto regulate IPR complaint reception, Canton Fair began to issue badges foragents engaged in IPR and trade dispute complaint in the 112th session. Theapplication and issuance of such badge is in accordance with Patent Law ofPeople’s Republic of China, Trademark Law of People’s Republic of China,Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and Canton Fair’s relevantregulations on badges.

 1.Badge Title

“Agent(IPR)”, “Agent (Trade Dispute)”



Agentsor professionals designated by IPR agencies or law firms that are entrusted bycomplainants and respondents of IPR complaints and trade disputes in CantonFair.


 3.Documents to beSubmitted

Besidesthe picture (5cm *4cm, blue or white background) of applicant (agent, samebelow), second generation ID card and its copy (with the official seal of theagency), a letter of introduction of the agency, the following documents arealso needed:

    . Identity certificates of complainants or respondents

      Naturalperson: ID Card or passport;

       Company: copy of business license or overseasregistration certificate;

       Complainants and respondents of tradedisputes: Canton Fair badge.

      .Certificates on the matter

       IPRcomplaint: IPR certificateof complainants or respondents, or notice on alleged IPR infringement issued byCanton Fair Complaint Center for IPR, Product Quality and Trade Disputes(Complaints Center for short, same below);

       Trade dispute / complaint: contract thatcomplainants or respondents signed in Canton Fair.

      .Certificates on the principal-agent relationship

       Power of Attorney signed by complainants orrespondents;

       Official letter by the entrusted IPR agency orlaw firm of designating agents on the entrusted matter.

      .Certificates on the qualification of agency / agent

       Registration certificate of the entrusted IPRagency or practice license of law firm, within validity period;

       Practice license of lawyers or agents, withinvalidity period.

      Incase the complainants or respondents are foreigners, a notary certificate onpatent ownership or interest relationship and an authentication by China’sembassy or consulate in that country shall be submitted; a notarized Chinesetranslation is also needed if the material is in English. In case thecomplainants or respondents are residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan,relevant notary certificate and authentication shall also be submitted.

      Thedocuments above must be authentic, legal, and valid; if false materials areprovided, Canton Fair will investigate the responsibility of relevant agency orperson.


       4.Application Quota

      Onlythe agent mentioned in the Power of Attorney can apply for such badge. In casethat the Power of Attorney mentions only an IPR agency or law firm, withoutclear designation of a certain agent, the entrusted agency or law firm candesignate two professionals to apply for the badge. For each IPR agency or lawfirm, up to 60 applications can be submitted each day in one session.



      Anagent should, according to the business he or she is entrusted with, fill inthe badge application form (please fill in Form D3). Please scan the relatedmaterials mentioned in “3. Documents to be Submitted” in sequence, save it asPDF file, and attach it in an email to

      .The relevant department of Canton Fair will pre-review the application andinform the applicant the result in five working days (The pre-review may beaccelerated according to the needs of the respondent’s agent.) If theapplication is approved, the applicant should bring application form and secondgeneration ID card and its copy (with the official seal of the agency) and aletter of introduction of the agency to the counter designated by Canton

      Fair’sRegistration Service Office. If the reprint checks with the original, a badgeis issued after the applicant pays the fee. If the scanned documents areinsufficient, the applicant should fully supply the documents in time andre-apply. If the application is not approved, such badge will not be issued.



      50RMB Yuan for each badge. If the same person applies for badges withdiscontinuous validity, these badges shall be applied and charged 50 RMB Yuanrespectively.

      Servicefee: 300 RMB Yuan per person per day



       One person can wear only one badge. If theagent is issued with other Canton Fair badges, these badges will be cancelled.

       After Canton Fair issued the “Agent” badge inthe 112th session, the Complaint Center will not accept complaints filed byagents bearing other badges. If persons bearing other badges are discoveredengaging in investigation, complaint, and other activities inconsistent withhis or her badge, Canton Fair may cancel the badge he or she is holding. Insuch case, the person must not linger in or re-enter the Complex; Canton Fairwill decide whether to decline further badge application of the personaccording to specific circumstances.

       The Complaint Center accepts only on-sitecomplaints during Fair time, and each complaint will be determined after atleast one working day’s on-site investigation. Therefore, complaints filed lessthan one day before the end of a session will not be accepted. The agent shouldtake this into consideration and apply his or her badge in advance; the agentshould also apply for the badge’s validity period according to his or herneeds.

       IPR agency or law firm acting for appellantsno longer has to register at the Complaint Center. The original materialsmentioned in “3. Documents to be Submitted” are needed when IPR agency or lawfirm acting for complainants file a complaint. (Copies of business license andcertificates of IPR agencies or law firms with official seal are accepted.)



       This Notice does not apply to complainants wholodge complaints directly without entrusting agents.

       This Notice does not apply to natural personswho are non-professional agents or lawyers and are entrusted by complainants orrespondents to deal with complaints. However, such natural persons shall alsobear other valid badges of Canton Fair. One person can only be entrusted by onecomplainant or respondent (joint ownership of an IPR is deemed as onecomplainant or respondent); if the complainant or respondent is also a naturalperson, the Power of Attorney shall be notarized or issued on the site of the ComplaintCenter.

      Allmaterials submitted by the entrusted person for badge application will be usedfor applying for the badge only. Whether the IPR complaint will be accepted ornot should be decided by on-site experts of the Complaint Center.

      Applyfor the agent badge, please contact Tel: 020-89138312 (non Fair time),020-89061306 (during Canton Fair)

      TheComplaint Center shall be responsible for the interpretation of this Notice.

      Download: D3 “Agent” Badge Application Form.