Guang Zhou Hu Tian Hotel
Hutian Hotel is a 3 star hotel permitted to accept foreign guests. The hotel is located in the crowded commercial and tour center of urban district, closed to the attractive Lihua Lake Park, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yuexiu Park, Six Banyan Temple, and Chen Clan Academy, etc. which are all famous sight seeing spots in Guangzhou. From the hotel to the Guangzhou Railway Station will take only 5 minutes by driving and 30 minutes by driving to the newly built Baiyun Airport. The geographic environment of the hotel is excellent and the transportation is very convenient. Inside the hotel, Yuexiang Restaurant once won the title in 2005 as one of the best hundred restaurants in Guangzhou , supplying dishes of Cantonese and Hunanese styles. Pure Cantonese cooking and traditional Hunanese cooking are available here with huge range of selections. In the restaurant there are luxurious dining hall and different types of VIP rooms, accepting 500 clients at the same time.

As the appointed reception unit of Guangzhou Municipal Government Purchase Center, since its establishment in 1991, the hotel has received a lot of visitors and tourists with its 212 guest rooms of different sizes. The hotel also provide wi-fi internet access, graceful and comfortable guest room designs, with top quality.

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