Lingfeng Coffe
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Since Lingfeng Coffee had the chance to provide service to Canton Fair, it has been providing the best beverage and service to the guest of the Fair from domestic market and the international market. This company has persisted in its professional traditions, to contribute the best to its clients. The company uses LAVAZZA coffee bean imported from Italy, and the excellent quality and the skill ful service have been confirmed and praised by the clients. Through the Fair, Lingfeng Coffee has spread its brand name abroad, to make more friends understanding Lingfeng, knowing Lingfeng, and making friends with Lingfeng. The Seine Restaurant in Xinghai Concert Hall in Ersha Island is one of the top restaurants supplying French foods in Guangzhou. You are always welcome to that restaurant.
North viewing platform Hall 11.3
Area B
Outside platform of north gate
Hall 16.2
Area C

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