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Guangzhou Juntian Food and Beverage Company Ltd. Jiansheliu Lu Branch is located in No.1, Jiansheliu Lu, Yuexiu District. The branch began its business formally at the beginning of 2011, with beautiful environment, high class services. The branch has its elites team from Canton and Hong Kong in food and beverage to creat its excellent food and beverage brand name with genuine Cantonese dishes, Sichuan style dishes, and other dishes in Chinese style, in western style, as well as in Japanese style. During breakfast time and lunch time, it supplies genuine Dimsum in Hong Kong style. With the hope to promote the Chinese culinary arts, and with advanced management, and quality products, excellent services, this branch provides a comfortable and nice environment to the guests for food and beverage, and for social activities. It once provided coffee snacks to the 109th and 110th Canton Fair and was well appreciated by the units concerned.
north viewing platform Hall 2
Outside platform of north gate
Hall 14.3
Area C

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