Left luggage center
(category:/Ancillary services/Luggage Storage)
1. Service time: 9:00am—6:00pm, April/Oct.15—19, April/Oct.23—27,and May 1-5/Oct. 31—Nov.4. (Luggage shall not be accepted after 6:00 pm)

2. Left Luggage Office is served for all visitors,exhibitors and overseas buyers,and only accepts deposit of travel bags, trunks, backpacks, handbags or suitcases in good shape or good outer packing. Empty luggage or luggage with carton outer packing is not accepted.

3. The size of each luggage shall not exceed 1 m3, and the weight shall not exceed 20 kg. The charge criteria of luggage deposit (within 9 hours per service) is as follows:
a)Large (65cm*43.8cm*85cm,for 28-32 inch suitcase): 25 RMB / piece.
b)Medium (47cm*43.8cm*85cm,for 22-26 inch suitcase): 20RMB/ piece.
c)Small (33.5cm*43.8cm*85cm,for 20 inch suitcase): 15RMB/ piece.
The automatic deposit lockers can accept We-chat Pay,Ali Pay and RMB cash, only RMB cash can be accepted by luggage rack.

4. The Left Luggage Office does not provide 24-hour service in principle. All deposited luggage shall be claimed before 5:30 pm of the day.

5.In case the luggage deposited remains unclaimed for 3 days after the Canton Fair is closed, it will be handed over to the department concerned.

White Tend beside the Exit A of Xingang Dong Metro Station
Pearl River Promenade
Hall 9.2
Area B
West,Gate 10

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